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Chapter 11
Commander Bolt's Legacy

              Commander Bolt stood at the top of a tower in the middle of Canterlot watching the horizon; Pearl flew up and spoke, “Mom? Is there any sign of him yet?”
Commander Bolt turned around and replied, “No… I'm getting worried; it’s not like him to take this long.”
Pearl smiled, “Its ok mom, Sable is the fastest land messenger pony in Equestria remember, if anypony can get there and back without being seen by the Nightmare Legion, its him. He probably just took a nap in a field like last time.”
Commander Bolt smiled, “I know, it’s just that every time I think about you two, I see those two little foals who stayed as brave as they could when we were being threatened by that pegasus from my foal hood.”

                Pearl shook her head, “A lot has changed since then mom, we aren’t little foals anymore.”
Gem smiled, “I know… it’s hard to think that’s it been many years since your father died… I… I wish he could see you two now.”
Pearl didn’t like talking about this subject so she tried to change the subject, “Is there any word from Scy and the rest of The Cutters?”
Gem replied, “No, last I heard, they were in Stalliongrad gathering more soldiers. The soldiers arrived… but they didn’t.”
Pearl shook her head, “They didn’t abandon us… I know that because Scy wants revenge just as much as you do.”

                Gem spotted something in the distance then spoke, “Your brother is approaching the city.”
Pearl looked in the distance then replied, “Where? I can’t see… oh I see him now… that cloud of dust there on the horizon right? Sometimes I wish my eyes were as good as yours.”
Gem smiled, “What can I say? It helps me as an archer to see lo… Get to the gate immediately! Your brother is carrying somepony!... and I can see blood… Get down there and see to him. I'll keep watch in case he is being followed.”
Pearl quickly replied as she started to fly towards the gate, “Yes Commander!”

                Pearl flew as fast as she could to the city gate. As she approached the gate one of the guards called out, “UNKNOWN EARTH PONY APPROACHING THE GATE!”
Pearl called to her soldiers, “LET HIM IN! IT’S CAPTAIN BOLT!”
The celestial gate chief relayed the order, “You heard the lieutenant! Let him through! You know he doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”
Pearl turned to another soldier, “Get a stretcher down here, and notify my nurses to have the hospital ready for patients.”
The soldier nodded her head and galloped down the street. When the gate finally opened, Sable ran through it and yelled to Pearl, “SIS! I need you to look at somepony!”

                As the ponies with the stretcher arrived Sable laid the wounded pony down, when Pearl looked at the pony, she was surprised, “Colonel Viscous?... but what happened, was she caught leaking information?”
Sable shook his head, “I don’t know, they left her tied to a post under Cloudsdale, but that’s not all, they left the rest of the Celestial Crusaders, and our militia troops under Cloudsdale too… all dead.”
Pearl stopped examining Viscous and looked at Sable, “D-dead?...”
Sable nodded his  head, “Dead… we lost Cloudsdale, I even counted the soldiers, all to include Commander Storm and General Roza were killed. There are no survivors.”
Pearl sighed, “Dear Celestia…”
“So… how is she?”
“She will be fine, she has a few Broken ribs and a concussion… but they're all minor… I think Commander Snow showed her mercy.”

                At that moment Gem landed, “Sable! Are you hurt? Did they see you? What happened?”
Sable looked at his mother and spoke seriously, “Mom… I must speak with Princess Celestia. I'm fine… but Colonel Viscous is wounded, and Commander Storm, General Roza, and their armies have fallen. They won’t be far behind me, now that Cloudsdale is under their control, there is no defense points between them and us.”
Gem replied, “Alright I'll go with you to see the Princess.”

                Pearl spoke to the ponies who brought the stretcher, “Take her to the hospital and have my nurses see to her. I'll be there when I'm finished here.”
She turned to Sable, “Sab? You’re not hurt too are you?”
He replied, “No, I'm fine sis. But… I would still like to be seen by one of your nurses, is the unicorn with the green mane working today?”
Gem shook her head and replied, “Alright lover colt, first we need to see Princess Celestia, then you can continue playing Casanova. I swear, you’re just like your father.”

                As Gem and Sable made their way to the castle wall, Gem stopped and called to Colonel Drib who was training militia pegasi in the sky above, “COLONEL!”
Drib flew down and replied, “Commander, the training is going well, these Canterlot ponies are better than I expected, oh, Captain you're back already? You really are fast. So what’s the word from Viscous?”
Sable didn’t reply, instead he waited for Gem to tell him, “Drib, go to the hospital and see Lieutenant Bolt, she has your fiancé now. The Nightmare Legion discovered that she was a spy and beat her half to death. She is alive, but I’d rather she be with you since you are set to marry her.”

                Drib answered quickly as he started to rush off, “Oh… thank you commander, I'll see to her now.”
Gem watched silently as Colonel Drib rushed off, Sable knew what she was thinking though, “I miss dad too. but look at what we’ve accomplished since Dragon Mountain fell. Pearl is the officer in command of the medical division, I'm in command of the land based strike force, Commander Storm got his final promotion, Grandma not only told us who she was… but she even tracked down the rest of The Cutters. Not to mention we convinced both Colonel Drib and Colonel Viscous to betray the Nightmare Legion, and we held them from taking over Cloudsdale... well for this long at least. Dad would be more than proud what we’ve accomplished.”
Gem shook her head, “I don’t care, he fought to keep you foals out of this war, he fought to keep Dragon Mountain safe, and he fought to uphold his trust with the dragons. Now, you two are fighting as officers in this war, Dragon Mountain fell, the dragons vanished and haven't been seen since Thorn died… and Star… he…”

                Gems eyes started to tear up over the subject, as Sable put his hoof on her shoulder, “Mom we need to go, Princess Celestia will want to know Cloudsdale’s status.”
Gem wiped the tears from her eyes and replied, “Your right, we need to inform them of the situation.”
Sable and Gem continued into the castle and into the main hall where Princess Celestia was talking with Chrome Mist. As they entered Sable smiled with a sarcastic smile and spoke, “Feeling young as ever Chrome?”

                The former commander gave him an unamused look and replied, “Oh look it’s the brave little earth pony. Late again I see, did you stop in a field for another nap?”
Sable sighed and turned toward Gem, “Mom! You told him about that? I fall asleep once and all of a sudden I'm the laziest runner in the Kingdom.”
Princess Celestia smiled, “But you are the fastest, and the fact that you run on the ground makes you even more valuable in this time of war.”
Sable smiled, “Thank you your majesty, I see that it takes greatness, to understand Greatness.”
Gem rolled her eyes, “Great… now can you tell her already?”

                Sable replied, “Oh… uh… your majesty. I have troubling news from Cloudsdale. It seems that the city and both our armies have fallen to the Nightmare Legion.”
Princess Celestia was shocked, “What?... sister has taken Cloudsdale?”
Sable lowered his head, “I'm afraid so… and to make matters worse. She laid the fallen under the city to pass the message. Commander Storm, General Roza and their entire force are all dead.”
Princess Celestia shook her head, “I believe the darkness has completely overtaken her now… it won’t be long before she attacks Canterlot too.”
“There’s more, she discovered that Colonel Viscous was a spy and they tortured her. She is alive… but I had to carry her back. That’s why it took so long for me to return.”

                Princess Celestia tried to smile through her worries, “I'm grateful for your courage and selflessness. Your father would be proud to have a son like you. Commander Bolt?”
Gem Stepped forward, “Yes your majesty?”
“I want you to gather your officers and meet me in the conference room. We need to go over our planes for the Nightmare Legion arrives.”
Gem replied, “Yes your majesty, I'll gather my daughter and Colonel Drib as soon as possible, Chrome? Will you fight with us?”
Chrome Mist replied, “Well I was hoping to enjoy my retirement, but I'll continue to stay by the princesses’ side. This old stallion still has some fight in him. Besides soon Sere… I mean Blade
will be back and I won’t hear the end of it if I just stand by.”
Princess Celestia smiled, “There’s the great Commander Mist we know and love.”

                Back in a small camp just below Cloudsdale Commander Snow was sitting getting a small cut on his shoulder stitched when one of his officers approached him, “Commander Snow, supporters from Cloudsdale arrived at the camp. They bring supplies, and they wish to meet you personally.”
Commander Snow nodded his head, “Thank you lieutenant I'll be there in a second.”
Commander Snow had his stitched covered, as he put on his armor and sheathed is sword to meet the group. When he approached the group of pegasi, he noticed that a number of them were wearing cloaks. Commander Snow approached the leader and spoke, “My name is Commander Frances Snow, it’s a pleasure to meet residents’ of Cloudsdale who support Nightmare Moon and her cause. May I ask your name?”

                The supporting stallion answered, “My apologies commander, but if I were to give you my name then I would put my family at risk, you see not all ponies support your cause… that’s the reason most of us wear cloaks, to hide our identities. Nevertheless, we are here with supplies to show you that you do have support, especially here in Cloudsdale. And I'm sorry if this was a waste of time but that is all we came here to say.”
Commander Snow smiled, “And you said it exceptionally well, I understand your caution, and it needs no apologies… I can only wish you a safe journey to your home above. And so I'll leave you with my thanks.”
As Commander Snow turned to trot back to his quarters, he looked at the ponies wearing the cloaks until one particular mare caught his eye. Commander Snow stopped in front of her and looked at her for a few seconds. Finally he spoke, “Lieutenant, escort this mare to my quarters and see that she is comfortable… I'll see to her in a few minutes.”

                The Lieutenant smiled as he replied, “Oh… I See… I didn’t think you were into that sort of thing… don’t worry sir… she will be ready for you when you’re ready for her.”
Commander Snow only shook his head as he went back to the medic to finish having his stitches applied properly. Afterwards, Commander Snow went back to his quarters and went inside. Waiting for him was the mare, who was lying on his bunk with a seductive smile on her face, and a glass of wine that she had poured for herself, “I was surprised when you had me brought back to your quarters… and here I thought you to be a noble pony… I see the Nightmare Legion has changed you a little hasn’t it?”
Commander Snow smiled, “No I'm not that way, I only thought if you were going to go through the trouble to meet me before
you tried to kill me, then it should be more… formal, don’t you think… Blade?”

                Blade smiled as she took a sip of the wine, “Well at least you’re still civilized.”
Commander Snow saw the gleam of her weapon that was hidden under her cloak then replied, “And you’re still the beautiful temptress that we all know and fear. Tell me, I haven’t seen my lieutenant since he escorted you back here. Do you know where he is?”
Blade didn’t answer, she only pointed with her glass to a wardrobe in the side on the room. The floor in front of the wardrobe was stained in blood while blood was dripping through the cracks in the door. Commander Snow knew what happened so all he did was ask, “Was it quick?”
She shook her head, “I tried to make it so, but he pulled his head back with the first swing so the blade didn’t go deep enough to kill him on the first attempt. But if it makes you feel any better he did draw his sword and attempt to strike me before he died, though I can’t say it made any defference to his final outcome.”
Commander Snow sneered at Blade, “You’re a monster!”

                Blade took another sip of the wine and replied, “No, I merely lack compassion for my enemy or his soldiers. But then again that’s what makes us so alike. You’re willing to kill an innocent stallion, your formal brother in arms, and a general that used to fight under you, and still have the nerve to call me a monster. You're so cute sometimes Snow and to think that you were a whiny little sergeant during the Griffon Civil War… it almost pains me that I won’t be the one to kill you soon.”
“Really? And who will?”
“Commander Bolt, She is the one with her eye on your head, and with the fire in her eyes when we last spoke of this conversation… I believe she will get what’s owed to her.”

                Commander Snow drew his sword and looked at his reflection in the blade, “I couldn’t agree more. She deserves that revenge… but I'll still fight to win this war, so if she wants my head, then she will find me on the battle field.”
Blade finished her wine and got off the bunk, “Well if that’s it then I'll take my leave, it was nice seeing you again, I’d tell you to watch your back, but the Cutters have already agreed that none of us will make the attempted to kill you. But you’d be surprised what you can survive, so don’t drop your guard.”
As Blade trotted by Commander Snow, she flipped her tail across his muzzle. Commander Snow sheathed his sword, scratched his nose, turned around, and spoke, “I don’t suppose I could offer a higher bid for your services… could I?”
As Blade started to leave the tent, she smiled and looked back, “Sorry this is on a personal level with the boss, so I can only follow her instruction. Besides, you couldn’t handle me.”

                After leaving Commander Snow’s Quarters two guards approached her, “Ma’am? Would you like us to escort you back to the line?”
Blade smiled and started trotting between the two guards as she replied, “Oh, aren’t you two such gentle colts, while you’re at it could you possibly let me know when it is that you may be leaving Cloudsdale?”
The Guards looked at each other and replied, “Why would you need to know something like that?”
Blade opened her wings and rested them on the soldiers back still keeping them covered beneath her cloak, “The supporters and I have a few more supplies to bring and we hope to get them to you before you leave.”
One of the stallions replied, “Well if that’s the case, word is we will be moving out this evening. I'm afraid we can’t tell you where though. That’s confidential.”
Blade gave a sinister smile, “Oh don’t you worry about that, I already know where you’re going and I'll be sure to have the militia ready for you.”

                As the guards looked at each other in confusion, Blade dashed forward using an attached sword like weapon on the outside of her wings to cut deep into the back of the soldiers necks killing them almost instantly. After doing this she flew into the air too quickly for anypony in the surrounding area to noticed what she had just done, let alone, trying to stop her. Blade flew out from under Cloudsdale and landed next to a boulder down the road that lead to Canterlot. After she landed, The Reaper came out from behind the boulder, “Did he get the message?”
“Yep… and I have to say, he is a little bolder than the last time I saw him. Where is Traipse?”
The Reaper replied, “He is here, behind this boulder.”

                Blade trotted around the boulder and saw Traipse sitting behind the boulder in its shadow, “How ya doing big guy? You still sulking?”
Traipse stood up and turned his back to blade, “… If you’ve finished flirting, then come on. We need to report to the commander.”
Blade shook her head, “I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that your winning about the boss leaving for so long or the fact that you won’t just talk to her about it.”
Traipse didn’t reply he just looked at The Reaper and spoke, “I better get going, I don’t have wings like you two so I’ll meet you there.”
With that, said Traipse started galloping down the road towards Canterlot. Blade could only watch as he continued on his path, “What is it with him and this country, I know he hates Equestria but that’s no reason to act like a foal.”

                The Reaper replied, “It’s not just that… it's the fact that I left you two to come here that really ticks him off. Now that I'm
back, it’s time to slowly close these wounds. I’ve gathered all the intelligence I needed, and you delivered the message so it’s time we return to Canterlot, I'm certain the young Bolt has already given the commander the message of Cloudsdale’s fall, so we will pass on the rest of the info and ready ourselves for the final battle.”
Blade asked, “What makes you think this will be the final battle?”
Scy replied, “Because Commander Bolt will make it the last battle.”

                Back in Canterlot, while Gem went to retrieve Pearl and Colonel Drib, Sable was sitting in the garden sharpening his father’s sword, when Chrome trotted up to him and spoke, “You think you’re ready to use that thing?”
Sable raised the blade up, blew off the metal dust and replied and he continued, “I'll do what I have to… as long as mom and sis are kept safe.”
“Really? So you think you can take another life?”
Sable replied, “If that’s what it takes.”
“And what if it means killing one of your own?”
Sable stopped sharpening his sword and looked up at Chrome, “What are you saying?”

                Chrome looked at a group of soldiers who were marching by and replied, “That’s what is asked of me… as you know Commander Snow used to be my soldier… and now I have to kill him. Taking a life is hard… taking one of your own, is harder. I'm just curious if you can really do that.”
Sable looked back at the sword and continued sharpening it as he answered, “If I that’s what it takes… I promised dad that nothing would happen to Mom and sis… and I don’t care how long it’s been since that promise was made, I have to keep my promise. It’s what dad would have wanted.”
While listening to Sables answer, Chrome used his magic to retrieve a spear from a stack that was against the castle wall, and swung it at Sable, “WE’LL SEE!”
Out of reflex Sable raised the sword up and blocked the spear then he parried the blade and tried to counter, but Chrome jumped back and dodged the attack. 

                After Chrome dodged the attack and readied himself, smiled, and spoke, “Not bad… you defiantly are your father’s son, but do you have what it takes to beat me?”
Sable pointed the sword at Chrome and replied, “If that is what it takes.”
Chrome smiled, “Then show me.”
Sable charged forward and tried to swing his sword at Chrome, only to have it blocked. On the second swing Chrome blocked the attack and stepped to his side causing Sable to lose his balance and fall forward right into the staff portion of Chrome’s spear. Chrome allowed him to fall to the ground and stepped back to see how Sable would react to the cheap shot. Sable picked himself up off the ground and wiped the blood from his lip then glared at Chrome.

                Chrome Mist could easily see the anger in his eyes so he commented, “If looks could kill, then this fight would be over already, but only ponies like Blade can use her looks to kill anypony. Ponies like you and me have to rely on our weap…”
Before Chrome could finish his sentence, Sable charged forward and swung his sword. Chrome easily blocked three attacks before swinging the spear staff bashing Sable on the side of his face. Sable was able to shake it off quickly and comeback with another horizontal swing but like that last, it was blocked. Then Chrome countered by swinging the spear low, knocking all of Sable’s hooves out from under him but before Sable hit the ground, Chrome turned around and used his hind hooves to kick Sable in his face throwing him a few feet.

                Sable struggled to pick himself off the ground but as soon as he was up he had his sword held back at the ready. “ENOUGH!!!”
Both Chrome and Sable looked at Gem as she landed and continued, “I don’t know how this started but I don’t want to see anymo….”
“This doesn’t concern you mom! This is between me… and this has been!”
Chrome smiled, “Has been? That’s a little harsh coming from a never been like yourself.”
Sable was getting irritated, “If you want to settle this here and now than go ahead and kill me already… the only reason I'm fighting this war is because of the promise I made to dad. I WILL PROTECT MY SISTER AND MOTHER FROM ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT POSES A THREAT!”

                Chrome smiled, “Your hearts in the right place, and so is your skill… but you keep leaving yourself wide open, if you keep your guard up then you…”
All of a sudden Blade came swooping down from the sky and tackled Chrome taking him to the ground. Sable could only smile, “Yea… I don’t think your guard was up high enough to stop that.”
Blade was lying across Chrome while she spoke, “Did you miss me?... I missed you… its no fun when the only stallion to keep me company is Mr. grumpy hooves.”
Chrome sighed, “I think I know why he is grumpy.”

                Blade smiled innocently as she climbed off him, “Now that’s not nice… why would you say that after all we have been through.”
Chrome replied as he stood up, “Because most of what we’ve been through was caused by you… while I was chained up for the rest of it.”
Sable smiled, “Well she can chain me up anytime she wants.”
Blade winked at Sable while Chrome replied, “Trust me… no you don’t, the griffon kingdom is short on comfortable cells.”

                Scy and Traipse trotted up while Gem spoke, “Alright, now that we are all here, We need to continue to the war room so we can discuss our plane of action.”
Pearl replied, “Sable and I will wait here, and continue training.”
Chrome replied, “Not this time. we need all our officers for this meeting. Colonel Silas and Princess Celestia and waiting for us there.”
Sable sarcastically replied, “I though the war room was for soldiers. Aren’t we just foals with weapons?”
Chrome replied, “You’ll do. The next battle will involve us all, so we need to have all our soldiers ready.”
Gem continued, “Let’s just go. We can discuss this in the war room.”

                When the group entered the conference room, Princess Celestia smiled and spoke, “I'm glad to see that the Cutters will be joining us for this meeting. We need to start planning our next move. Mrs. Bolt what do you have planned for the militia.”
Gem Replied, “Most of my soldiers want to take refuge in the city. What we want to do is evacuate most of the civilians from the city entirely. As for those who can’t be moved like hospital patients and the elderly we would like to have them moved into the castle.”
Princess Celestia thought to herself then spoke to Pearl, “Lieutenant? How long would it take to do that?”
Pearl Replied, “At least a day, but with all my nurses helping we could do it in about half a day.”
Blade spoke up, “The Nightmare Legion will leave Cloudsdale this evening. With that in mind they should be here by tomorrow morning.”

                Colonel Silas Spoke up, “And how exactly do you kno…”
Chrome interrupted him, “Trust me… she has her ways.”
Princess Celestia spoke next, “Then after this meeting we will start evacuating the city. Ms. Reaper, will you take command of the Cutters, or will you follow Commander Bolts orders?”
Scy replied, “I will follow my Commanders orders. The Cutters always see their contract to the end.”
Gem looked at Scy and replied, “Thank you.”

                Princess Celestia changed her expression and spoke to Gem, “Commander Bolt… is it alright if I ask a favor of you? You see with the fall of Commander Snow and his soldiers we are short on officers, so I was hopping with your permission… I would like your son Captain Bolt to take command of my front line soldiers. In return he will be promoted to Major, and take temporary roll as a Celestial Officer.”
Sable was amazed, “You mean… you want… me… to lead your front line soldiers? Am… am I good enough for that?”
Chrome spoke up, “You are? That spar we had was a test to see if you were truly worthy of this position.”
“But… I lost.”
Princess Celestia continued, “Being a leader isn’t about who is stronger than who… it’s a matter of where your heart is during a fight. And whether
your cause is worthy of victory or not.”

                Sable put his hoof on his head to think about what Princess Celestia was talking about. Gem was thinking hard about her answer, then she turned to Tri and Spoke, “Mr. Traipse… can I trust you to keep him safe?”
Tri didn’t reply he only nodded his head saying yes, so Gem turned to Princess Celestia and replied, “Your majesty… you have permission to allow Capti… Major Bolt to take command of your line. However, it will only be temporary, once this battle ends he will not continue to serve in the Celestial Crusaders. And at any time… I will take back command of him if things seem to get too dangerous.”

                Princess Celestia smiled and replied, “That sounds acceptable, Major Bolt do you accept this offer too?”
Sable replied, “Where will mom and sis be?”
Gem replied, “I will keep refuge in the city with our soldiers in case they break through the city wall. As for Lieutenant Bolt, she will stay in the castle and take care of the wounded and the civilians who decide not to leave.”
Sable replied, “As long as they are kept safe… then I'll gladly lead your soldiers your majesty.”
Princess Celestia looked at Chrome and continued, “He will be under you Chrome, unless you have any objections on me reinstating your position as commander of the Celestial Crusaders.”
Commander Mist Smiled, “I accept, soldiers never retire anyway… we just sheath our swords and wait for the next battle. Besides I can't let you have all the fun can I?”

                Blade threw her hooves around Commander Mist and replied, “And we are going to have so much fun too!”
Commander Mist just shook his head while Princess Celestia spoke, “Then its settled, do you have a strategy for the coming battle?”
Blade stopped hugging him and Commander Mist replied, “Yes I do, Bolt.”
Gem, Sable, and Pearl all replied, “Yes…”
Princess Celestia giggled as Commander Mist corrected himself, “Major Bolt… once the battle begins you will lead the front line forward into the Nightmare Legions lead formations. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, you will sustain great losses with this charge, but I know that you of all ponies will have no problem dodging catapults, ballistae and trebuchets during this charge. While we are doing this Colonel Silas, I want you to focus your pegasi on the enemy artillery, even if it means bypassing their pegasi force. We have to take down everything that poses a threat to the castle gate.”

                Gem Spoke next, “Scy, Wing, I want you two to assist Colonel Silas on this attack, I'll be counting on you two to provide close support to the Celestial forces. I'll also send a few soldiers with you Sable, if we can keep them outside the wall then I'll send the rest to assist, but I can’t make any promises.”
Blade replied first, “You’ve nothing to worry about commander, the boss and I will hold back anypony who tries anything.”
The Reaper spoke next, “Don’t call me boss… but yea. Commander we will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.”
Gem smiled, “I know you will.”

                Colonel Drib stepped forward, “I'll join in too, I need to stretch my wings anyway. Plus I need to keep my reputation as the ace flyer in this militia. I’d like to see miss easy eyes put her money where her wings rest.”
Blade smiled, “You’re on hot shot!”
Gem replied, “Wouldn’t you want to stay with your fiancé?”
Drib lowered his head, “The lieutenant says she will be fine… and I trust her judgment. Besides after what he did to Viscous… Snow and I have a score to settle.”
Princess Celestia spoke next, “This will conclude our meeting. Commander Bolt, I'll trust you with the evacuation of the civilians.”

                All the ponies in the room left to see to their duties. A few hours had passed and as Gem and Pearl were seeing the last of the civilians leaving the city Commander Mist trotted up, “Mrs. Bolt… I was wondering if I… could speak with Blade for a few seconds?”
Gem nodded her head, “She’s in the lookout tower. Reading the wind like she does.”
Mist looked at the closest tower and replied, “Thanks, let me know your progress before you decide to go to sleep tonight.”
As Commander Mist continued climbing the stairs closer and closer to the towers balcony, he could hear the sound of Blade humming a steady beautiful song. When he got to the top, he could see Blade standing on the balconies edge with her eyes closed feeling the wind in her mane. As she slowly opened her wings Commander Mist spoke, “Are you drea…”

                 The surprised pegasus slipped off the balconies edge and fell a few feet before regaining stability and flying back to the balcony. As she landed, she blushed with embarrassment as she spoke, “Oh… um… commander?... I mean Mist… did you want something?”
Commander Mist laughed as he replied, “It’s times like this that make you seem much more mature. For a second I almost forgot you were a mare.”
Blade glared at Commander Mist and replied, “What do you want!”
“I was checking to see if you and the other Cutters are ready for this fight… you know since you’re not being paid for this fight.”

                Blade replied proudly, “Where the boss goes, I'll follow, even if it leads to my death.”
Mist continued, “So what about after this fight?”
Blade smiled, “I'll probably leave with the cutters… Why do you ask?”
Commander Mist just shook his head, “Just curious is all.”
Blade approached Mist and put her hoof on his shoulder, “Oh Mist, if you want me to stay then you should just say s… wait…”
Blade turned and looked on the horizon then she closed her eyes to feel the wind. While she measured the wind, Commander Mist knew that she was sensing something, “Wing? What is it?”

                 Blade opened her eyes and replied, “Something tall just went up over the horizon… I don’t know what… but I think it’s the tower of a trebuchet.”
Commander Mist was surprised, “What? Where?”
Blade pointed into the distance and replied, “There… another just went up.”
Commander Mist turned to go to the bottom of the tower as he replied, “Notify your commander, tell her that I’d suggest sending Scy to investigate.”
Blade nodded her head, “Don’t think this changed anything Mist, I'll expect to continue this conversation later.”

                On the ground Gem was talking with Traipse as Blade landed next to her, “Commander, there is something on the horizon. I think it might be a trebuchet.”
Gem turned and replied, “What? But I though they wouldn’t be here till tomorrow?”
“I guess Snow changed his mind. Mist suggests that we send the boss out to investigate she is the only one of us who could sneak there and back without getting caught.”
Gem nodded her head and replied, “That’s a good idea. Did you get that Scy?”
Before anypony noticed her, The Reaper stepped out of the shadows next to them and replied, “Got it commander I'll report back as soon as I can. Oh and Wing?… stop calling me boss.”
As The Reaper flew into the sky, Blade watched her fly off and spoke, “I forgot how good she was at keeping herself hidden.”

                 Out on the horizon, Commander Snow watched as his trebuchet teams continued constructing their placed Trebuchets. As he stood there, Nightmare Moon approached him from behind, “Will we be ready to attack them in the morning?”
Snow replied, “Yes your majesty, as soon as our soldiers arrive in the morning I'll call a meeting of the commanders.”
Nightmare Moon gave Snow an unamused look, “And why will you do that?”
Snow Replied, “Because I’d rather give them a chance for surrender than to kill anymore friends. I would like to be remembered as the stallion who tried to bring talks of peace before this war’s end. Call it… warrior’s pride.”
Nightmare Moon looked towards the city and replied, “Fine… I'll let you keep your so called pride but after what happened to your lieutenant in Cloudsdale… I have a strong feeling that this talk of peace, will end with death.”
Snow looked towards Canterlot and replied, “Sadly your majesty… I agree.”

The next Chapter is in and its set years later so get ready for an unexpected twist to the situation.

Thanks to :icondaraniel1000: for proofreading

Alternate reality to Tears Of a Fallen Star Chapter 1: [link]

The Difference
Chapter 1: [link] A Mysterious Beginning
Chapter 2: [link] The Freak and His Friend
Chapter 3: [link] The Clan
Chapter 4: [link] The Storm and Mist
Chapter 5: [link] Unwelcomed Guests
Chapter 6: [link] The Cost of a Cutie Mark
Chapter 7: [link] Allies and Enemies
Chapter 8: [link] The Reaper, The Traitor, and Their Commander
Chapter 9: [link] Personal Actions
Chapter 10: [link] War
Chapter 12: [link] The Battle of Canterlot Begins
Chapter 13: [link] Closer

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Blade was lying across Chrome while she spoke, “Did you miss me?... I missed you… its no fun when the only stallion to keep me company is Mr. grumpy hooves.”
Chrome sighed, “I think I know why he is grumpy.”""

That would make an awesome/hilarious short comic :D
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Sable is the best Scout.

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