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Random from My OC's fanart commitioned work and inspired

Commitions, requests, art trades, and even some inspired art from verious diffrent artist from all corners of DA. Thanks to all!

Artist Needed For Star Bolts Journey

So far I have received many favorites for my fic (Tears of a Fallen Star) on my OC Pony's Life (Star Bolt) but when it comes down to art as in paintings, Drawings, Ext. I’m very bad at it, other than Photoshop. So I've began my search for an artist to help me better view Star Bolts life.

Special thanks to those who have helped so far.
Chapter Scenes:

Tears of a Fallen Star:
:iconbunnimation: Commission for Priceless911 by bunnimation Chapter 3
:icondileak:Animated Commission: Gem Stone Archery by DILeak Chapters 6 & 15
:iconenvidia14: Commission: Duel by envidia14 Chapter 9
:iconcryptid-creations:Commission - Star Bolt by Cryptid-Creations Chapter 10
:iconfrozenflights:I will Protect you.. by FrozenFlights Chapter 10
:iconhuussii: MLP - Under Burning Skies by HuussiiChapter 15
:iconleximoon: CM: Misunderstandings by LexiMoon Chapter 21
:iconfruitbloodmilkashake: The Wandering Star by Priceless911 Chapter 22
:iconbunnimation: Priceless Comission by bunnimation Chapter 22

The Kings War
:iconfruitbloodmilkashake: An Awkward Moment by Priceless911 Chapter 5
:icondead-kittens3: Commission: Blade Gala Dress by dead-kittens3 Chapter 5

The Diffrence:
:icontomat-in-cup: Comm. 28 by Tomat-in-Cup Chapter 4
:iconquila-quila: commission 25 by Quila-Quila Chapter 10

The Price of Harmony:
:iconraikoh-illust: Canterlot has fallen by Raikoh-illust Prologue
:iconbunnimation: Star Bolt Lectures the CMC by bunnimation Chapter 2
:iconenvidia14: Commission: The Dark by envidia14 Chapter 3
:iconvioletdreamzz: Priceless911! by Violetdreamzz Chapter 14
:iconrainbowjune: Commission for Priceless911 by RainbowJune Chapter 19
:icondevinian: 'Commission' The Thunder Ground by Devinian Chapter 26

Any kind of scenes from any of my Chapters will make me happy.

If commition is needed send me a note and we can make a deal. Thanks and I hope I receive a reply soon

Tears of a Fallen Star
Chapter 1: The Colt Wakes and Names Himself
Chapter 2: The Exam
Chapter 3: Commander Bolt’s Decision
Chapter 4: The Friendly Foe and the Eclipsed Nightmare
Chapter 5: Two Orphans, Celestia, And New Recruits
Chapter 6: Celestia's Stand, and Forgotten Foes
Chapter 7: Peace in Death, Love in War, And Good in Evil
Chapter 8: Confrontations between Nations
Chapter 9: The Bolt That Cleared the Mist
Chapter 10: The Fatal Funnel
Chapter 11: Wounded Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally
Chapter 12: A Murder In Cloudsdale’s Shadow
Chapter 13: Past Wounds in Present Skies
Chapter 14: Who I Am
Chapter 15: My Home Front
Chapter 16: The Emotions of War
Chapter 17: True Pain
Chapter 18: Letter From a Mare in Love
Chapter 19: A Meeting to End the War
Chapter 20: By the Light of the Stars
Chapter 21: The Fallen Star
Chapter 22: A New Dawn

The Kings War
Chapter 1 A Message From the King
Chapter 2 Crossing the Border
Chapter 3 "Someday Soon"
Chapter 4 Capital City Gryphus
Chapter 5 The Mare in Red
Chapter 6 "Check"
Chapter 7 The Second Encounter
Chapter 8 The First Taste of Battle
Chapter 9 Familiarized Eyes
Chapter 10 "Talk"
Chapter 11 Discovering the Truth
Chapter 12 The City that has Never Fallen
Chapter 13 The Final Defense
Chapter 14 The Last of Us
Chapter 15 Enemies and Allies
Chapter 16 At War's End

The Cutters
Part 1 Traitor to the Crystal Empire
Part 2 A Disterbed Serenity
Part 3 Noble Blood
Part 4 When Legends Clash
Part 5 The Tome of Eden
Part 6 Eden's Secret (Part 1)
Part 7 Eden's Secret (Part 2)
Part 8 The Life We Live
Part 9 Motherhood
Part 10 The Sinner and the Star
Part 11 Together in Tartarus

A Charred Stone
Chapter 1 The Lonely Shade of White
Chapter 2 My Friends...
Chapter 3 The Commander
Chapter 4 Cadet Stone
Chapter 5 Hidden Talents
Chapter 6 Fear, Joy, then Nothing

The Wandering Star An Ancestors Promise Diary of a Rose of Luck Memories of a Princess in Pain Legacy of the Rich When Bolts Cross Under Your Muzzle My Hero's Hero

The Price of Harmony
Chapter 1 The Cloaked Stallion
Chapter 2 The Ponies of Ponyville
Chapter 3 The Keepers of the Elements
Chapter 4 Old Friends, and New Storms
Chapter 5 Truth and Lies
Chapter 6 Letter From a Princess
Chapter 7 Gathering Resources
Chapter 8 Closure
Chapter 9 Judges, Jury, Executioners
Chapter 10 Commander and the Prince
Chapter 11 Gathering Help
Chapter 12 The Last City of the Alicorn Race
Chapter 13 Tis Time...
Chapter 14 Reconciliation
Chapter 15 Discord...
Chapter 16 Canterlot's Genocide
Chapter 17 The Fall of Canterlot
Chapter 18 Aftermath
Chapter 19 The Ruins of Gryphus
Chapter 20 The Battle of Eden
Chapter 21 Director?... Wingmare?... Captain?...
Chapter 22 Teacher?... Prince?... Dreams!
Chapter 23 Eden's End
Chapter 24 Osiris's Sacrifice
Chapter 25 The Queen of Eden
Chapter 26 The Price of Harmony


Shawn Price
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

The name is Shawn, I'm a soldier in the US army who specializes in military weaponry operations and repair, you could call me an armorer if you want but I'm on a completely different level than your run-of the-mill armorer. On my free time I write about my OC Ponies life or I make images using Photoshop and whatever else I can get my hands on. (Yes I'm a brony and I'm proud of it.)
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When I'm not writing or photo shopping images I study military history, firearm history, I'll go to the shooting range, play paintball, watch anime, or play videogames. (yes I'm a nerd but I like to think of myself as an alternative nerd, because not many nerds like, own, and shoot high powered weaponry or play paintball just for the thrill.)
Butterfly stamp by AwakenAngelDothack Stamp by ReralaeFull Metal Panic stamp by jadespiderNegima Stamp by Moliski

I AM an artist, but I'm not the kind or artist that can draw or paint... I write, I'm not the best writer but I can think up any type of story you can Imagine , Action, romance, comedy, even emotional (which happens to be my strong suit). I also love music the perfect song can make any image a master piece.

I just added myself to…
FiM Fiction :Stamp: by NickelParkLavigne
If it’s not here, it won’t be there, I prefer deviant art to this so any posts I do will be placed here first!!!

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I also play Pokémon tough I prefer he second gen era, but here is my team in order from fave to least fave:
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good friends

Angle Beatz anyone?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 10:31 PM


Hey all I was just curious to see how many of my watchers are fans of the Anime series Angle Beatz? reason being is that since im about to start back up on a charred Stone, I figured id put out a short story about an OC I had for that particular series.

for those of you who don't know, Angle Beatz is a series about an afterlife made specifically for high school students who lived some of the most unfair lives before death and died despising God for their existence. the after life they must live is similar to a normal Japanese High School although if they continue acting like simple students they will cross over into an unknown existence that they each deny so they all act to not only break the rules, but to battle another student (nicknamed "Angle") who tries effortlessly to make them follow the rules. this may seem like a simple high school anime, but they way they fight to avoid crossing over (or how they say it, "being Obliterated") is with high powered fire arms. but what makes it better is that they can die an infinite amount of times although they still feel pain. feel free to check it out!…

To me this is my top #1 favorite anime since it has comedy, action, Music, and a great storyline.
anyway ill start on this soon and have it up for you guys soon. BTW the OC's name is Tokena Heroma (randomized Japanese name for him) it will be just a simple intro of his placement in the universe and a conversation where he explains why he is in this world too. but feel free to comment on whether or not you'd like to read it. I threw this together months ago but I figured I'd write it since I thought it was a great backstory for a character who would be in this series.

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My OC's

Commander (Star) Bolt by Priceless911Captain (Gem) Stone by Priceless911Commander (Chrome) Mist by Priceless911Captain (Frances) Snow III by Priceless911Lieutenant (Ardent) Viscous by Priceless911Capain (Callous) Drib by Priceless911Commander (Alfarinn) Orem by Priceless911General Roza (Neghvelskie) by Priceless911Chief (Jumb) Rafi by Priceless911Captain (Iron) Storm by Priceless911The Reaper by Priceless911Blade by Priceless911Traipse by Priceless911


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Violetdreamzz 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey! :D just letting you know your commission is finished! :D
Violetdreamzz Mar 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the watch!
Priceless911 Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
np I love your art, and im actually thinking about commissioning you. first I have to decide what I want thought :-P
Violetdreamzz Mar 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aw thanks so much! :D when you have decided just note me and we can sort something out! :D 
Priceless911 Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
ok I sent one :D
MrConnected Mar 1, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks for joining brah!
Priceless911 Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
no problem, I hope you don't mind I submitted a number of my and commissioned images of my OC's at work. all are soldiers, mercinaries, and renegades of all kinds so each have their own place here as well as other groups.
MrConnected Mar 1, 2014  Student General Artist
oh yeah go ahead. just upload em all to featured and I will sort em out.
Priceless911 Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
k thx
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